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At Home Sleep Solutions (AHSS) is working hard to be the fastest most reliable Home Sleep Testing (HST) company in the industry!

We believe that in-lab sleep studies are the gold standard but some patients cannot sleep in a foreign bed or may have financial hardships and an in lab polysomnography (PSG) maybe too costly.

The solution is doing the diagnostic sleep test in the comfort of your own home with At Home Sleep Solutions! Our easy to use device can help determine if a patient maybe suffering from Sleep Apnea. Our Sleep Specialists will analyze the data/interpret and make the appropriate treatment recommendations whether it’s Oral Appliance Therapy (OAT), PAP Therapy, or if further evaluation is needed. We can ship our HST device anywhere in the nation and get the results back quickly.

At Home Sleep Solutions want to make diagnostic testing easy and affordable so you can have a better night sleep…..z.Z.Z!

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